Ta Class

Ta Class is the program for our four years old children and above. This age can be a challenging time filled with emotional ups and downs. These children are starting to be ready for more emotional independence, but this can change rapidly. The teachers assigned to the Ta Class need to provide an interesting, exciting, and most of all a loving atmosphere for these children.

Throughout the day, the children are encouraged to experiment without serious risk. All of the teachers will put any effort to make the Ta class a place to which the children will look forward to coming.

The Ta Class is an environment in which the children learn by playing and interacting with others. The atmosphere is one that fosters independence and self-esteem. It is where children are made to feel important while developing respect for their peers. They learn to care and cooperate and will be encouraged to support one another, resolve problems by listening and negotiating.

Children in TA Class will do lots of art projects, painting, play dough, and puzzles. The children are encouraged to learn new words and are offered many opportunities to foster the development of their language.

To promote cognitive and language development, the curriculum of the Ta Classroom utilizes activities such as singing, finger plays, story telling. The story of Islam prophets is read in the story telling activity.

Development of self-help skills is being encouraged by expecting the children to be responsible for their belongings such as lunch boxes, backpacks, jackets, and other personal items. Having the children “do for themselves” is stressed by teachers in the Ta Class. Doa and surrah of shalat are started to be introduced in Ta Class and have them performing shalat assisted by teachers