Alif Class

Alif Class is the program for our one year (walker) old children and above. For this group of children, the world can seem very big and even a little scary. That is why the teachers assigned to the Alif Class focus on making this program and the environment a loving and caring one. The overall goal of the program is “Readiness”. At this early stage, many children tend to be primarily egocentric. They are very much focused on themselves and their “things”.

In the Alif class, our program is to develop positive relationships with others, and the emphasis is put on reminding the children of the needs of the other children. Stressing the needs of others and beginning to have children learn to play together are very important aspects of our readiness program.

Art by Alif Class

In the areas of cognitive and language development, the children are encouraged to develop self-awareness such as being able to recognize themselves in photographs and point to their own name.

Children in the Alif Classwork on verbalizing their needs, following directions, and beginning to do for themselves. Matching colors and shapes, participation in art and music, learning concepts and sequences are all part of the activities of the program for these two-year-olds. Most of all we want them to feel loved and comfortable, because – if children feel loved and comfortable, learning and personal development come much easier.

At this early age, we also would like them to practice some of the Moslem habits such a saying Bismillahirrahmanirahim before doing things and saying Alhamdulillahirabbilalamin after finished doing things, shaking hand with teachers, etc.