Ba Class

Ba Class is the program for 3 years old and above. This group of children is always exploring, listening, doing, and learning how the world works. A boy or girl of two to three may be characterized as being egocentric, determined, and self-willed. These children typically engage in independent and parallel play. Often a Ba Class child is just developing an acknowledgment of others. They may also demonstrate feelings of insecurity and need loving reinforcement.

Ba classroom is intended to be the bridge for these children that provides assistance to them in the crossing between just beginning to develop language and social skills to the actual blossoming and being able to move on and grow in all of the areas of development. This is an important time during which the foundations for future learning are being built.

For these reasons, the teachers assigned to the Ba Classwork very hard to make sure the class is one that provides a stimulating and loving environment that will help foster the growth and the positive development of these very young children. To promote cognitive and language development, the emergent curriculum of the Ba classroom encourages the children to express themselves during group times and self-select times. The children begin to problem solve and explore ideas that assist in these areas of development. And of course, the religious aspect will be enhanced according to their age and understanding. Several short surrah and performing wudhu will be introduced at this level of age.