Abata Class

Abata Class is the program for five years old children and above. All preschool children do not progress at the same rate. Some children put more attention and energy into cognitive development, while others may be more concerned with making friends (socialization) or performing physical tasks (motor skills).

The teachers assigned to the Abata Class are firmly committed to the creation of an environment in which learning occurs at each child’s pace and individual style. Because the children at this level are the oldest, the largest, the most verbal and the most active, the expectations placed on them by the teachers are higher than in any of our other classes. Children are expected to be able to show some simple conversation in English with teacher and peers, able to read, and able to count or perform some simple math.

Interacting positively with peers, sharing the attention of adults, and working well in groups are skills that are critical to achieving kindergarten readiness. Students at this stage are expected to be able to answer questions about the stories they hear and show some abstract thinking. Responding to “How and Why” questions about a story aids a child to develop reasoning and linguistic skills. The children are encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences, believe learning is fun, and make-believe that Islamic morality is the most important in their life. At this age, they should be able to perform shalat with a little assistant.