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Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuh

Abata English Speaking Moslem Kindergarten (ABATA) is one of the leading kindergartens which uses English for communication as well as a teaching medium and applies Islamic values and methods in day-to-day life. ABATA is specifically designed as a school for 1 to 6 years old children. Established in August 2007 with only 5 active students, currently, we have as many as 120 students studying in four grades. So far, alhamdulillah, we have successfully graduated over 90 students. Most of our graduates are continuing their study in leading and high-quality primary schools in Jakarta namely MadinaGlobal SevillaAl-Azhar, Global Islamic SchoolTugasku, SD Labschool, etc.

We believed that children need to be enriched as early as possible with spiritual education, embracing Islamic principles and beliefs to strengthen them and provide a solid foundation in their character building. We are using age-appropriate activities that enable the children to learn according to their own pace and need in a small group class.

Here, students are accepted based on their age. Therefore, you can enroll your kid(s) anytime, and your child(ren) can start on any day. You don’t have to wait for the new academic year. Children will move to a higher class based on their age and ability.

ABATA uses a national plus curriculum basis. Our curriculum is designed according to our vision, to educate children to become creative intelligent, and independent individuals with Islamic morality. Students are taught using the phonics reading method.

Islamic values, methods, principles are applied and taught to the students intensively in the class in an interactive and interesting way. We have two dedicated and experienced religion teachers to carry out that task.

A range of facilities is provided to support students: outdoor and indoor playground, swimming pool for water play, multimedia computer in each class, daily healthy snacks, teaching materials, etc.

When class is dismissed, we provide an array of after school activities to enrich the students. The activities are Clay Art (with a native speaker from France, Mr. Paul), Taekwondo, Reading Lesson, Iqra’.

Every year, we arrange a number of off-school activities designed for every grade. The intention of these activities is to give the students a learning experience and environment beyond the classroom.

In previous years, students have visited TMII and Ancol for their field trip. Other than that, we also took the students to Superindo supermarket and eateries like Papa Ron Pizza and McDonalds for our store visit program. At the end of every academic year, we hold a Year-End Performance, where each student will be performing on the stage, and, of course, parents are invited to see the performance of their loved ones.

Islamic activities are also regularly held. Teachers every year set up the school for Manasik Hajj to facilitate the students to experience the amazing haj pilgrimage. On every Friday, because students are too young for Friday Prayer, we request the students to perform Shalat Dhuha, lead by one of our male staff. Giving charity is one thing that wasn’t missed. Both parents and students are asked to donate some of their fortunes for the less-fortunate ones out there on several occasions: Zakat Fitrah, Qurban, natural disaster victims, Zakat Maal for the orphanage, Ifthar on the road, etc.

We also signed our students up for some competition, and we proudly inform you of their achievement :
2nd winner of dance competition in Ayahbunda Fair 2010
3rd winner of dance competition in OMNI Hospital Anniversary 2010
3rd winner of dance competition in Ayahbunda Fair 2011
1st winner of Moslem Fashion Show in At-Taubah school
1st winner of short surah reciting contest in At-Taubah school 2010

You may find more detailed information about ABATA on this website. Please feel free to click links on the top right of this page.

Wa’alaikum salam Wr.Wb

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