Dental health check on Aug 2, 2018

Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb

Dear parents,

We would like to inform you that there will be Dental Health Check and Healthy Teeth Education from PUSKESMAS Kecamatan Pulogadung for all Abata children which will be held

On : Thursday, August 2 2018
Time : 09:00

After the dentist informs and shows children how healthy teeth are and how to brush the teeth correctly, Ta and Abata class children will practice to brush the teeth together. Please bring tooth brush, tooth paste and plastic cup for this activity. Parents are advised to accompany the children during the dental health check and inform the class teacher if you will not be able to come, as the dentist would like to talk about the result of dental health check in person.

After Dental Health Check, children will still do their routine activity until their go home time comes.

Thank you

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.

R. Dini Hendiani
School Principal

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Market Day at TK Abata

On Tuesday, September 26, 2017 Abata holds Market Day event. The event is intended for children and their parents.The event was officially opened by our Principal Ms Dini Hendiani, M.Pd. Market day event can be a learning tool for students to grow children’s entrepreneurial spirit on early age and to let the children have experience in selling and buying.

Various stalls lined up neatly with attractive items to sell and filled with students, teachers and parents who are ready to do transactions. Children took turn to be seller and to be buyer using Abata bank note. The children tried their best to get their items to be sold
















Congratulations to all Abata students on Market Day! We hope you will become one of successful entrepreneurs in the future and will share your strength to build the society, nation and State.

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Annual Manasik Hajj activity October 30, 2017

Manasik Hajj is a demonstration of the Hajj ritual. Abata Moslem kindergarten had it in October, 30/ 2017. The purpose of the Manasik Hajj is to introduce children about the Hajj rituals like Ihram, Tawaf, Wukuf, Sa’i and Tahalul.

Prior to manasik, teacher told the Asbabun Nuzul of Hajj and the story of prophet Ibrahim family. Teacher then showed children how to do the Hajj rituals and told the places of pilgrimage.

Alief and Ba Class got the first turn to do the manasik Hajj then Ta and Abata classes the second. Boys wore the ihram clothes and the girls wore the white moslem clothes and veil.

The First ritual of Manasik Hajj that we did was intention of Hajj. Students recited niat of Hajj (Labbaika Allahumma Hajjan) then they recited Talbiyah (Labaik Allahumma Labbaik Labaikalaa syarikalaka baik Innal Hamda Wanni’mata Laka Wal Mulk Laa Syarikalak).

The Second was Tawaf : students started the Tawaf from Hajar Aswad and circled around Ka’bah counter clockwise seven times. Students stood facing the Black Stone and raised their right hand at the end of each circling while saying: “Bismillah, Allahu Akbar” (in the name of Allah, Allah is the Greatest). The circling is believed to demonstrate the unity of the believers in the worship of the One God, as the people move in harmony together around the Kaaba, while supplicating to God.


The Third was Sa’I : Students did Sa’I by walking back and forth seven times between the two small hills of Safa and Marwah. While doing Sa’I, they recited Innashofa Wal Marwata Min Sa’a irillah. Sa’i followed the actions of Hajar, the wife of Prophet Ibrahim who walked between the hills of Safa and Marwah seven times in search of water for her son Ismail.

The Forth ritual was Drinking Zam-Zam Water : After performing Sa’I students took a rest for a while to drink Zam zam Water and recited do’a Allahumma ini As’aluka Ilman Naafi’an wa rizqon Wa sian Wa Syifaan min kulli Daain Wa saqomin Birohmatika Yaa Arharrohimin.








The Fifth was Wukuf in Arofah : Students recited Dzikir and Do’a for them selves and Family and hoped that Allah would forgive their Sin.








The Sixth ritual was Jumroh : Throwing the small stone into the monument








The Seventh was Tahalul : Students finished all the Hajj rituals then cut their hair. The final ritual of manasik hajj was performing Shalat Idul Adha and sacrificing goat.









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Independence Day at Abata Kindergarten, August 16, 2017

We celebrate something because there is or there are reason(s) behind it. We celebrate Indonesian Independence Day because we want to pay tribute to the people who fought hard and lost their lives for Indonesia freedom. It reminds us that we should be ready to defend our country. Celebrating Independence day also means to get the feeling of oneness to be blossomed in the heart of Indonesian people no matter where they are and no matter what area they are from. This feeling will motivate Indonesian , young or old, to contribute toward the country.

We celebrate our independence day in several ways. One of the way is by holding different kinds of competition, to demonstrate the spirit of getting something done and to show how great it is to be the winner after the hard effort.
We celebrated Indonesian Independence at school to let the children how to appreciate the people who fought and lost their lives to get the freedom and practiced their abilities in different areas of development.

Alief had ball racing game and Ba class had flag racing which practice their eye and hand coordination, fine motor skills, gross motor skill as well as their social emotional skill. For them the process is much more important than the result.

Ta class had stacking cups racing where the children practise their eye and hand coordination, concentration skill, fine motor skills, gross motor skill as well as their social emotional skills.They also learn to acknowledge a sense of accomplished when they become the winner.







Abata class had clog racing where the children practise their eye and hand coordination, concentration skill, fine motor skills, gross motor skill as well as their social emotional skills.They also learn to acknowledge a sense of accomplished when they become the winner and learned that there are times to be the winner and there are times when they are not and that is all right.


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